Mid-Year Bundle Offer

Diploma in Xero + Diploma in Excel + CCH eBook

We’re thrilled to announce an exclusive Mid-Year Bundle Offer to help you upskill and advance your career. You’ll receive two flexible online qualifications, plus access to the New Zealand Master Bookkeepers Guide.

Mid-Year Bundle Offer Price: Only $299.

RRP Bundle Price: $1,625.  You save $1,326! 

Here’s what is included in your Mid-Year Bundle Offer

Diploma in Xero (includes Official Xero Cert) - valued at $995

Use the Diploma in Xero to show employers you are qualified, run your business with a professional edge, or upskill ahead of promotion. With this course, accounting becomes a breeze; learn bookkeeping and run your payroll. Discover how to do reporting, assign branded themes to your invoices, and use Smart Lists to streamline searches. The Diploma in Xero comprises certificates in Xero, Xero Payroll, an Advanced Certificate in Xero – plus access the official Xero Advisor Certification. See the detailed modules below.

  1. Introduction to Xero Online
  2. Xero Chart of Accounts
  3. Managing Contacts with Xero
  4. Xero Sales, Invoices, Quotes and Inventory
  5. Xero Purchases and Bills
  6. Reconciliation & Managing Accounts in Xero
  7. Introduction to Xero Reporting
  8. Introduction to Xero Add-ons
  1. ntroduction to Xero Online
  2. Setting up Xero Payroll
  3. Managing Payroll Items with Xero
  4. New Employees and Leave Requests with Xero
  5. Pay Templates in Xero
  6. Pay Runs in Xero
  7. Payslips and Payroll Reporting with Xero
  8. Filing Obligations Using Xero
  1. Introduction to Xero Online
  2. Aged Receivables & Payables in Xero
  3. Managing Fixed Assets with Xero
  4. Budgeting with Xero
  5. Tracking Categories in Xero
  6. Report Preparation and Analysis in Xero
  7. Customising Templates in Xero
  8. Introduction to Projects and Expenses

Receive access to Xero’s official advisor certification. This contains assessment questions to test your knowledge and understanding of Xero, based on what you have learned in the Certificate in Xero, Certificate in Xero Payroll and Advanced Certificate in Xero. This certification is issued by Xero and is a frequent request of employers.

Diploma in Microsoft Excel - valued at $495

Gain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Accreditation on completing the Diploma in Microsoft Excel. This Diploma offers an opportunity to upskill across accountancy, bookkeeping and administration from the comfort of your home. This course incorporates three stages of learning in Excel and ensures you learn a broad range of skills across the software. From fundamental skills to advanced, including formatting, importing plain text files, and worksheet modification. See the detailed modules below.

  1. Introducing Excel
  2. Entering Data
  3. File Operations
  4. Performing Calculations
  5. Modifying the Worksheet
  6. Formatting
  7. Printing
  8. Sorting and Filtering
  1. Working with Large Tables of Data
  2. When Formulas Don’t Calculate as Expected
  3. Using Multiple Worksheets
  4. Time-Saving Functions
  5. Conditional Formatting
  6. Introduction to Recording Macros
  7. Protecting
  8. Microsoft 365 Functions
  1. Importing and Saving Plain Text Files
  2. Lookup and Cross-Reference
  3. Preparing Data for Reporting
  4. Using Tables
  5. Pivot Tables
  6. Pivot Charts

New Zealand Master Bookkeepers Guide - valued at $135

Ensure you are relying on up-to-date information with this handbook for bookkeepers and accountants covering all bookkeeping essentials as well as a range of accounting, taxation, GST and FBT issues. With revisions to its GST, FBT, payroll and superannuation chapters, this edition also reflects the new taxation rules and tax rates that apply to bookkeepers and their clients. Apply the rules confidently with worked examples, diagrams, checklists, tables and bookkeepers’ FAQs.

  1. Introduction to bookkeeping
  2. Recording transactions
  3. Adjusting entries and preparation of the financial statements
  4. Accounting for GST
  5. Accounting for cash, debtors and creditors
  6. Accounting for inventory
  7. Accounting for non-current assets
  8. Financial statement analysis
  1. Understanding the GST
  2. The taxation consequences of trading stock
  3. Depreciation for taxation purposes
  4. Payroll and superannuation
  5. Small business entity concessions
  6. Understanding fringe benefits tax
  7. Buying and selling a motor vehicle
  8. How to prepare a BAS
  9. Resources and checklists for bookkeepers

Receive Unlimited Tutor Support

Our professional tutors at The Career Academy are industry experts who are passionate about helping students succeed. They’re committed to providing exceptional online course support and personal tutoring to help you succeed.

Be Awarded With An Industry Recognised Certificate

Upon successful completion of your course, you’ll be presented with a Professional Certificate. This is an industry recognised certificate which will go a long way to helping you get a new job or promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Career Academy?

We’re an internationally recognised online education provider, who partners with industry to deliver you the latest and most up to date content. We have almost 15 years experience in online education and help change the lives of over 20,000 students every single year.
  • Upskill and be awarded with an industry and employer recognised certificate to help you reach your potential & earn more.
  • You’ll receive unlimited tutor support from experienced professionals
  • Flexible online learning so you can study whenever and wherever you want
  • Get free access to the career centre who will review and improve your CV to help you succeed
  • 83% of our graduates say our qualifications improved their ability to get a new job or promotion

Your course will be delivered through our online learning platform. You can access our online learning platform from any web browser 24/7 so you can work whenever and wherever you want. You can also interact with your tutors and other students within the learning environment. Online learning allows you to make the best use of your time and puts all the resources you need at your fingertips. There are no set course start dates, you can start whenever you are ready. Your tutors and student services will check in on your progress and help you every step of the way.

Watch this video to see how online learning works:

There are no entry requirements or pre-requisites to enrol into this bundle. You can enrol online directly by clicking on on the buttons below and following the prompts.

Each Diploma takes approximately 40 hours, and you’ll have up to 6 months to complete. Study in your own time, at your own pace. Most of The Career Academy courses are designed so that you do one module a week. But if life gets busy you can take longer and even apply for a course extension if you need more time.

Upon the completion of this course, the job possibilities are endless. Most students obtain a job as a Bookkeeper, Accountant, Office Administrator, Financial Controller or Payroll Administrator.

Employers also constantly approach The Career Academy looking for students and employers also advertise jobs in the Career Centre (available once you enrol). You’ll also receive a FREE CV review.

The Career Academy is a Global Company which is supported by industry. Your qualifications will be recognised internationally.

100% Money
Back Guarantee

After enrolling, you’ll receive a 14-day cooling off period (or trial period). If you decide the course isn’t for you within the trial period, you’ll get a full money back guarantee.

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Mid-Year Bundle Offer Price: Only $299.

RRP Bundle Price: $1,625. You save $1,326! 

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